DEN Trend Report: 2/8/17

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Should educators think more about quality of screen time? (Education Dive)

Digital devices are a part of the world of today’s students. There is no escaping that. And just like schools have adapted to so many other societal changes by updating their missions and scope of responsibility, educators are adding lessons about digital citizenship and literacy, working to prepare students for unfettered access to that world.

When Will Smart Girls Believe They’re Smart? (Psychology Today)

A heartbreaking study recently published in Science suggests that by the age of six, girls already believe they are less intelligent than boys. In the series of experiments, researchers tested children (5 to 7 years old) to see if they believed gender played a role in brilliance. In one test, they were told a story about a “really, really smart” protagonist and were asked to guess whether the character was a man or woman.

5+ Ways To Inspire Your Students With A Free Virtual Field Trip (
By Tracey Wiley

Regardless of geographic home base, time constraints, or budget, every teacher and student has the imagination to explore an unknown place in space or time.  Virtual field trips enable entire classrooms to embark on a multi-media journey where participants can see, hear, and interact with people and locations that might otherwise be inaccessible.

What Effective Blended Learning Looks Like (THE Journal)
By Dennis Pierce

Department of Education Creates New Evaluation Tool for K–12 Administrators (EdTech Magazine)
By Megan Bogardus Cortez

With new mobile apps and technology tools popping up constantly, schools have a variety of options when it comes to picking something that might work in a class. But, is there an easy way to make sure the tool will be good for students?

Ed-Tech Surges Internationally–and Choices for Schools Become More Confusing (EdTech Marketbrief)
By Michele Molnar
More companies than ever are vying to add their instructional software to classroom computers in markets around the world, creating an unwieldy and even overwhelming array of choices for schools, said Mike Fisher, an associate director at London-based Futuresource Consulting.

His market research company, which tracks ed-tech trends in 40 countries, sees consolidation of digital resources for schools in the U.K. But he said the ecosystem is “a bit of a mess” in the U.S., where a proliferation of ed-tech is causing an overload as some districts often have as many as 20 enterprise platforms for administrative tasks—from student information to human resources and finance—and more than 100 or even 200 web-based classroom applications for learning.

Reaffirming Our Commitment to High Quality Digital Content (EdNET Insight)
By Marty Creel

The beginning of a new year, in my opinion, provides one of the best opportunities for self-reflection and growth. As a classroom teacher, I saw the first few weeks of January as the perfect time to assess my personal performance as an educator and make the necessary adjustments to my classroom practice so that I might better meet the needs of my students.

Discovery Education Schedules 2017 PD Supporting School Leaders (EdNET Insight)

The Powerful Practices Series Returns with Two Events Exploring New Instructional Leadership Practices that Make a Difference in Teaching and Learning-

Silver Spring, Md. (February 1, 2017) – Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, again invites superintendents and educators nationwide to participate in Powerful Practices: The Instructional Leadership Experience.  These two, no-cost, one day, interactive professional development events taking place in San Francisco, CA, on February 24 th, and Seattle, WA, on March 10th, will engage participants in conversations with renowned education experts and explore innovative instructional leadership practices that make a significant difference in teaching and learning.

New buzzphrase for IT has massive implications for personalized learning (eSchool News)

A new era of personalized learning means IT and edtech leaders must focus on digital cohesion.

Research has shown repeatedly that humans learn more rapidly and deeply from experiences, rather than from a lecture or a book. However, many institutions struggle with the resources needed to meet this new mandate for personalized instruction, thanks to lack of funding and widespread teacher shortages.

Portion of teachers with 1:1 classrooms up 10% (Education Dive)
By Tara Garcia Mathewson

It is tempting to jump straight to a technology purchase, but most school districts at this point recognize the importance of creating a solid foundation on which to add new educational technology. That foundation must include a robust infrastructure that can support an increased load of 1:1 devices and comprehensive teacher training to prepare instructors for the changes in their classroom.

5 big takeaways from redesigning learning spaces (eSchool News)

High-achieving district takes the classroom redesign plunge; learns important lessons every school should know about innovate learning spaces.



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