#DENchat Live

At Discovery Education, we like trying new things. In Surrey School District, they like trying new things. With that, we had a live streamed #DENchat.

If you’re not familiar with #DENchat, it’s a weekly twitter chat that takes place on Thursdays. With the help of Lindsay Foster and Hugh McDonald, they moderated the chat, while I hosted and led the in-person conversation. We were so fortunate to have Superintendent Jordan Tinney join us to share some wonderful insights from his perspective around the theme of innovation and district change. As well, District Principal Antonio Vendramin offered some unique thoughts around the role of both district and building leaders.  After that, everyone in the room made contributions while also attending to the corresponding conversation online.

The idea to live stream the event came from Andy McKiel and the folks from #mbedchat. I had intended to use an app called Switcher Pro which would allow us to have multiple cameras to switch between in order to give the online audience a richer experience. Issues with firewalls inside the district restricted that option so instead, we simply streamed it off one camera old school style. This is an important mindset of innovation. Cheap failure. It cost us nothing to try but we learned some things about the experience.

I would encourage others to join together to host a #denchat. Whether or not you live stream, is optional but it can be a way to further your connections. I would love to hear from those that joined, how effective the live streamed component added or subtracted from their experience.

Here’s the video of our event.

As well, Lindsay Foster shares this storify of the tweets.

[<a href=”//storify.com/BSGSCSFoster/denchat-live-02-16-17″ target=”_blank”>View the story “#DENChat *LIVE* 02.16.17” on Storify</a>]

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