SOS Story: Shelby Bailey

The Spotlight On Strategies series (CDN subscribers) is one of Discovery Education’s most popular resources. First introduced 2012, these strategies help teachers use media in effective and engaging ways in their classrooms.

The best part about the SOS is that they are flexible and can be used across grade levels and content areas. We are excited for SOS Story: a new SOS series that spotlights teachers showing off how they have put the SOS to work in their classrooms.

SOS Strategies:  ABC Summary (CDN Subscribers) and Paper Slide (CDN Subscribers)

Name:  Shelby Bailey

District: Warren County R3, Missouri

Role: 5th grade math teacher

Twitter:  @tech_shelby 

Shelby’s SOS Story: 

One of the reasons I love using the Spotlight On Strategies series (CDN subscribers) is how easily they are implemented into any lesson or any grade level. Since I only teach 5th grade math, it is presumed that it would be more difficult to incorporate an SOS, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only did my students create a project using one SOS, they actually mashed two together!

During a unit on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, I had several students who grasped the concept quickly and several others who had a difficult time understanding. In order to help the students who needed more support, I had the students who were confident create a mashup of an ABC Summary and a Paper Slide Video which included the steps of adding and subtracting fractions.

My students were excited about the prospect of creating something that would not only help their fellow classmates, but was also going to be published for a larger audience. The finished product was posted in our Google Classroom account for my 5th Grade Mathletes, as well as being posted on the 5th Grade Facebook page.

The Spotlight on Strategies are proven to engage every type of learner; plus, they are fun for the students to use as well!


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