America’s Navy STEM for the Classroom: New Physics Lesson

Explore the Forces of Flight with a New Digital Lesson

Make physics exciting and relevant for your high schoolers with the new, free digital lesson plan, Ocean Landing, brought to you by Discovery Education in partnership with the U.S. Navy.

Students will investigate how pilots launch and land high-speed F35 jets on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, all while applying relative motion/velocity, acceleration, thrust, drag and more!

  • Investigate how pilots launch and land high-speed F35 jets on an aircraft carrier
  • Explore the concepts of velocity, acceleration, thrust, drag and more

Click above to find your full lesson, complete with presentation and guide.

The Ocean Landing Digital Lesson is one of many STEM-focused learning tools for you high school students on Help prepare your students for future success in STEM and introduce these resources into your science curriculum today.

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