Join Your Community at DENSI 2017

For more than a decade, Discovery Education has been committed to supporting opportunities for the amazing educators who use Discovery Education resources to connect both virtually and in person.

We understand the role vibrant professional learning communities play in supporting educators. We know that educators’ most valuable resources are each other, and we are here to help you make those connections.

DENSI 2017

Discovery Education is proud to announce the 2017 DEN Summer Institute (DENSI) and Principal Summit hosted at University of California San Diego.

Principal Summit (July 13-17): School site leaders learn ways to use technology to energize their own leadership and empower their teachers while developing collaborative relationships with other school leaders.

DEN Summer Institute (July 16-21): Educators explore resources, tools, and programs focused on leading and supporting teachers, media specialists, and administrators through the digital transition.

These residential-style events feature a number of seminars and workshops from keynote speakers, the Discovery Education team, and Discovery Education Community members that will energize your teaching, learning, and leading. In addition, DENSI will provide opportunities for you to connect, collaborate, and share resources, ideas, and strategies to support educators through their digital transition.

Top 3 Reasons to Attend DENSI 2017

Learn new ways to integrate digital media and technology into teaching and learning from leading educators. Though the schedule for 2017 is crafted based on the needs, interests, and expertise of the participants, view last year’s schedule to gain perspective on the types of sessions held.

Connect with Discovery Educators from around the globe and learn their strategies for handling trending educational issues. Meet a few past attendees and hear how these types of experiences have impacted them personally and professionally.

Share how you are supporting your teachers and students in the digital transition. Whether you are brand new to Discovery Education or have been a long-time partner, each participant enhances the experience through sharing their passions, talents, and skills.

Important Dates

April 9 (6 PM PT) – Application window closes
April 21 – Acceptance/waitlist notifications sent
April 30 – Attendee confirmations due
July 13 – DENSI Principal Summit begins
July 14 – DENSI Leadership Council PreCon begins
July 16 – DENSI begins

Apply Now

There are two portions to the application:

Part 1: The Written Portion
Please answer the questions thoughtfully. This will help us learn more about you as an educator.

  • Describe one way Discovery Education resources or experiences have impacted teaching and learning at your school or district. (<300 words)
  • Tell us what skills or strengths you will bring to the DENSI experience. (<300 words)
  • How will educators at your school or district benefit from your attendance at DENSI? (<300 words)

Part 2: The Video Submission
The mission of the Discovery Education Community is to connect educators with their most valuable resource: each other.

DENSI is all about making connections with other educators. Your video submission is your opportunity to introduce yourself and share your experiences with other attendees and the Discovery Education team. Help us get to know you better.

Create a two minute or less video that shows who you are, what you do professionally, and how Discovery Education has empowered you as a teaching professional.

We’re looking for folks who want to learn with other people who want to learn.  Attendees of DENSI are committed to lifelong learning, use Discovery Education resources on the regular, and have a spirit for sharing what they’ve learned. For those who are accepted, we’ll cover the costs of the event. You just have to get yourself to us.


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