DEN Trend Report: 3/8/2017

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Five Predictions for Education in 2017 (Education Week)
By Anthony Kim

As we reboot, rethink, and reassess our values in the first couple of months of 2017, I’d like to reflect on what this year will mean for education. In the months to come, we will face substantial shifts resulting from the elections of the past year, which not only brought us new politicians, but also demonstrated a deep division between the perceptions of the coastal cities and the rest of the country. As the CEO of a personalized-learning company, Education Elements, I use this time of reflection to consider what changes and shifts are afoot for our districts partners. For education as a whole, there are five major changes that I predict 2017 will bring:

3 tips for finding the best teacher-helpful edtech (eSchool News)
By Alex Gonzalez

Learning how to effectively use and implement new classroom edtech requires educators to spend their most valuable currency: time. Time spent troubleshooting technology in the classroom is wasted, and it can make educators skeptical of new technology.

After-school Programs Foster STEM Skills (U.S. News & World Report)
By Anzish Mirza

While many classrooms and internship programs are actively trying to incorporate science, technology, engineering and math — also known as STEM — education into the lives of children and young adults, after-school programs that focus on STEM let children explore new ideas without worrying about keeping their grades up.

Good Things Come in Threes (Association of American Publishers)
By Robert Onsi

As a young college student, I once took a course in which one of my professors emphasized the Rule of Three.  According to the professor, the Rule of Three is an important principle in storytelling suggesting that things appearing in a series of three help readers, viewers, or listeners better remember important ideas and make a story funnier or more satisfying.

A new technology is fundamentally changing learning–here’s how (eSchool News)
By Christoph Schell 

Middle school students across the U.S. are learning how the body works by studying the anatomy of a frog, a vertebrate with an organ system similar to that of humans. But unlike school lab work that uses real specimens or images of a virtual frog on a screen, a new approach to this standard experiment is taking the act of learning to a unique interactive level, thanks to the use of technology known as blended reality.

Education: Change is here but are you ready for it? (Forbes)
By Sebastien Turbot

“Our education system is a mess; it is failing us, our children, our future” – a catchphrase I hear at conferences, during dinner and casual conversations.

This refrain takes me back to my school years. I remember sitting in class, listening passively followed by hours of rote learning and note taking. There was no room for creativity, collaboration or critical thinking. I refrained from asking ‘silly questions’. And the thought of the stress of exams and grades continues to give me knots in my stomach.


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