Learning in 360 Degrees: Mrs. Hawley’s 3rd Grade Students Are Out of This World


Learning has lifted off for Mrs. Hawley’s 3rd grade students at Anaheim Hills Elementary in Orange Unified School District.

This month, they allowed our Discovery Education Community to join them in studying the universe.

The Big Idea

By completing a series of interactive centers featuring Discovery Education Techbook resources, Mrs. Hawley’s students examined the impact the sun, moon, stars, and planets have within our solar system. After exploring the resources, students demonstrated their learning through summarizing and assessment strategies from Discovery Education’s Spotlight on Strategies series. (Canadian subscribers)

Step Inside

Learn more by stepping into a 360 degree view of Mrs. Hawley’s classroom. Here are tips to maximize the experience:

  • After launching the 360 degree image, spin your view to find the pin that reads Begin Here. Play the embedded video to meet Mrs. Hawley as she shares what students are learning.
  • Just as students rotate through the centers, follow the pins in numerical order. Each numbered pin contains an embedded video that describes the Discovery Education Board that curates the digital resources students use to find answers to essential questions. Note how she differentiated the types of resources to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Don’t take our word for it: hear from students and see examples of their learning by selecting the pins with images.


Interested in creating a similar experience in your class?  Below are links to copies of Mrs. Hawley’s boards, Spotlight on Strategies, and tools she featured.

Station 1: Over the Moon featuring SOS: Tweet! Tweet! (CND subscribers)
Station 2: Our Star – The Sun featuring SOS: Six Word Story (CND subscribers)
Station 3: Phases of the Moon featuring iMotion (Stop Motion)
Station 4: Reason for the Seasons featuring Kahoot!
Station 5: Day and Night…Night and Day featuring SOS: 25 Things You Didn’t Know (CND Subscribers)

New to Discovery Education or interested in learning more about Board Builder? Explore resources in the Professional Learning Center. (CND subscribers)

Mrs. Hawley’s 3rd Grade Students’ Stop Motion Phases of the Moon


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