Learning in 360 Degrees: Ms. James’ Math Students Dig Into Learning

In Ellerbe, North Carolina, there are many station stops on Heather James’ journey to helping her sixth grade students feel empowered through success with math.

This month, they allowed our Discovery Education Community to join them in studying coordinate planes with the Discovery Education Math Techbook in Unit 6.1.

The Big Idea

By utilizing her stations-based instructional model, Heather James’ students spend time every day reviewing concepts, talking about math, monitoring their own understanding, and spending small group time with their teacher.

Step Inside

Learn more by stepping into a 360 degree view of Ms. James’ classroom. Here are tips to maximize the experience:

  • After launching the 360 degree image, spin your view to orient yourself within the classroom.
  • Just as students rotate through the centers, follow the pins in numerical order. Each numbered pin contains details about the teacher’s goals in that station. Find additional pins within the station area to see close up connections of what the teacher is accomplishing.


Interested in creating a similar experience in your class?  Below are links explaining how Ms. James organizes stations in her classroom.

Station One

In the Math with the Teacher station, Ms. James introduces the Math Techbook Grade 6 Math unit, Understand the Coordinate Plane*. She uses the Investigations to determine her students’ prior knowledge and build academic vocabulary for moving forward to deeper understanding.

Station Two

 At the second station, Math with a Partner, students review concepts from throughout the school year using games, interactives, and academic conversations to explain their thinking, check for understanding, and demonstrate mastery of concepts that have been studied.

Station Three

At the Math with Technology station, students utilize the Math Techbook Coach and Play* of the unit to practice the concepts of the unit, while getting targeted and constructive feedback as they worked. Ms. James keeps an eye on the Teacher Dashboard, where she can monitor student progress and understanding in real time.

Station Four

While students are at the station Math by Myself, they are working on specific objectives that Ms. James has identified as areas that need attention. Through a variety of different tools and resources, she helps students to tackle the concepts that require extra work through personalized assignments.

*Are you unable to directly access the assets featured from Discovery Education’s award-winning Math Techbook? Explore more and sign up for a free 60 day trial today.

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Ms. James ensures student success through stations-based instruction.


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