Celebrating Lincoln Unified School District in California

Discovery Education would like to celebrate the students and teachers of Lincoln Unified School District in California. The 6th grade team at Lincoln Elementary School instructed their amazing students to utilize Discovery Education and Board Builder to create a Board that demonstrated their learning during their current unit of study.

Discovery Education Board Builder is a tool that allows students to synthesize and showcase their work, and share with select groups and communities. With Board Builder students become the creator. To get started with board login to your accounts and click HERE.

Educator Bianca Delucchi’s students learned about Ancient China. Her students created these incredibly detailed Boards about Chinese Inventions and Innovations, the Ancient Chinese Economy, and Dynasty Creations. Check out the students work below! Click on each link to view the students Board. You must login into your Discovery Education account to view the Board.

Ancient Chinese Economy – Click Here

Chinese Inventions – Click Here

Ancient Chinese Innovations – Click Here

Dynasty Creations – Click Here


Educator Sherill Shields also taught her students about Ancient China and her students created these unique and informative Boards to share their learning with their peers.


The Three Dynasties: Paper Making and Printing – Click Here

Shang, Zhou and Han Dynasty Innovations – Click Here

Early Chinese Dynasty Inventions – Click Here

Shang, Zhou, and Han Inventions – Click Here

Shang, Zhou and Han Inventions – Click Here


Finally, educator Lindsy Van Staaveren’s students close out our fantastic blog post with these amazing boards about the Ancient Dynasties of China.

Shang, Zhou, and Han Contributions – Click Here

Shang, Zhou, and Han Inventions – Click Here

Shang, Zhou and Han Innovations – Click Here

The Shang, Zhou, and Han Inventions – Click Here


Once again, thank you to the innovative educators and students at Lincoln Elementary School in Stockton, California! Thank you for sharing your project work with the nation.

All of us here at Discovery Education are extremely proud of each and everyone of you! You are all Discovery Education Rock Stars.


Joe Diaz

Manager, Partner Success



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