Accepted to #DENSI2017: Meet Lauri Mitchell

Meet: Lauri

Congratulations to Lauri Mitchell: first accepted #DENSI2017 participant

Lauri Mitchell, 5th grade teacher

Klondike Elementary School,  Tippecanoe School Corporation (IN)


Lauri is one of three elementary science chairs for her school corporation and serves as a SLED (Science Learning through Engineering Design) Master Teacher in partnership with Purdue University.  This has provided her many opportunities to share what she’s already doing and what she’s learning with her staff, in her corporation, and throughout the state of Indiana.

From Lauri’s #DENSI2017 Application

How will educators at your school or district benefit from your attendance at DENSI?

I can’t wait to hear from experienced Discovery educators about how they are using it in their classrooms! …Next year will be our first year that 3rd-5th grade classrooms will be one-to-one and have a class set of Chromebooks.

This will be a significant transition for classroom teachers, and I know that Discovery is going to be a great tool to assist with that transition, especially as we adopt our first digital-only curriculum resource. It is my hope that my experience at DENSI will fuel these conversations for our school corporation.

Learn how you can join Lauri and other members of the Discovery Education Community at #DENSI2017



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  1. Linda Foote said:

    We all hope we’ll get in so we can come and learn from you, Lauri!! We’d love to hear more about the SLED project you’re doing with Purdue!

  2. Megan Douglas said:

    How exciting!!! Can’t wait to learn more about the SLED program. Sounds fascinating!

  3. Sara said:

    Yeah!! Lauri is a rockstar teacher! I love that you taught all your stuffed animals! Welcome to the DE family! We can’t wait to learn from you!

  4. Traci said:

    Congrats on heading to DENSI! I think I taught that same monkey…. haha!

  5. Angenine Goode said:

    Congratulations on your acceptance to DENSI 2017! You will engaged in a great community of lifelong learners who are amazing just like you!

  6. Sheila Fredericks said:

    Congratulations! You will be amazed at what you learn and the incredible people there! Jeremy is correct–it’s a LIFE CHANGING experience! I hope I have the chance to meet you in person!

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