Accepted to #DENSI2017: Meet Anne Leblanc

Accepted to #DENSI2017

Congratulations, Anne LeBlanc!


Elementary Teacher, Bel Ayr Elementary, Halifax Regional School Board in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

From Anne’s #DENSI2017 Application

What skills and strengths will you bring to the DENSI experience?

I am always eager to learn, both as an individual and as a teacher. I love teaching. I am always looking for new ideas to engage my students, particularly those students who have difficulty staying engaged. I believe technology is one of the keys to engaging all learners; not only to engaging them, but helping them with their future. When my grade 4 students graduate from high school in 8 years, their facility with, and knowledge of, technology will need to be much more in-depth than it is today. I feel it is part of my job to set them on the technological highway! I am very excited about learning and sharing my learning with colleagues and students. I am not shy! At any professional development session, I attend, I always volunteer to share, help and/or be a guinea pig. I learn by doing and by taking notes. I find that my note-taking skills enhance my learning and give me a record to look back on. I love people and having fun, but I also am good at keeping myself and my group on task. If a recorder and presenter are needed for a group, I’m always willing. I have some skills in the area of technology, but, more importantly, I am not afraid to try different approaches to answer questions and solve problems and to experiment. I am friendly and I enjoy meeting new people and networking with them. I have been attending any and all technology sessions offered by my school board over the last number of years, including a 3 day session last summer. I am the ‘techie’ for my school. I have taught for many years from grade 2 to grade 8, thus I have a broad range of experience of students.

Here is Anne’s reaction upon hearing the good news.


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