Meeting Students in the Middle: Guidance for Engaging Middle School Learners

Whether you’re an educator or a student, middle school can be tough.

As students enter their adolescence, more is expected academically than ever before. During these pre-teen years, students must become more focused, organized, and disciplined to succeed in school – a shift that is complicated by the rapid changes they find themselves going through physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Student engagement in school tends to dip in the middle years, and many students who once loved school now dread it. Middle school educators charged with teaching the curriculum must help students navigate through barriers so that they can be present for learning. To succeed, teachers must find clear ways to capture imaginations, stimulate curiosity, and ignite a passion for learning.

In this new white paper, three experts in middle school reform discuss proven strategies for supporting student engagement and achievement in middle-level education. This insightful piece details the development of the adolescent brain and how today’s digitally native middle-level learners function in classrooms. The authors provide a framework for transforming middle-level education with practical strategies that are easy to implement.

Read the full white paper — Meeting Students in the Middle — for free using the link below.



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