Discovery Education in Action: Amanda Pond

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Name: Amanda Pond

Role: Middle School Math Teacher (grades 6-8)

School: Loving Middle School

School District: Loving Municipal Schools, New Mexico

Subjects/Grades Taught: Math 6-8 grades

Degrees/Certificates: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education/Highly Qualified in Mathematics


How long have you been teaching?

I am finishing my 10th year of teaching.

How did you find yourself in teaching?

Like any teacher, I wanted to change lives… I wanted to make a difference.

What is your favorite thing about Discovery Education Math Techbook?

My favorite thing about Math Techbook is all the different approaches to concepts. Hands-on activities, students moving at own pace, incorporating games into learning.

How has using Math Techbook changed your opinion of your role as the teacher?

I really feel more like a facilitator. It’s awesome to watch the students learn and teach each other.

Math Techbook in Action

Ms. Pond facilitates her eighth grade students as they Understand Rules of Exponents.  (Discovery Education Math Techbook, Grade 8, Unit 1.1, Investigation 4)

What tips do you have for beginning users of Math Techbook?

Be prepared with printed work and materials for lessons. Be flexible. Be ready to change or discuss at any moment.

What other tools, resources, or strategies do you incorporate in your instruction with Math Techbook?

We use the overhead projector to begin a lesson and walk through the introduction together. I do a lot of think-pair-share in my class.

Ms. Pond facilitates her sixth grade students through a unit on Dependent and Independent Variables. (Discovery Education Math Techbook, Grade 6, Unit 9.1, Investigation 3)

How do you organize your classroom and planning to maximize your students’ learning experiences?

My classroom is currently set up in groups of two students, which is different from the video. I found that pairs work better than groups of four in most cases because pairs can work more closely so others are not left out. There are still times, however, that I have two pairs partner up and work together.

How do your students respond to the use of Math Techbook? What do they like about it?

They have responded so well! They love the technology part of it.  They enjoy the hands-on activities and being able to work at their own pace.

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