Teacher Appreciation Week – Monday

The first day of Teacher Appreciation Week 2017 has come to a close. How did you celebrate? Let us know in the comments below. Keep reading for part of our Day 1 Celebration. There are a few videos thanking teachers who made a difference in the lives of some familiar faces and a DEN deal from Wixie.

Follow along with the #CelebrateWithDE hashtag to see celebration of teachers all week long. You can also shine the light on an educator who has made a difference in your life. Here are three videos from the Community team showcasing teachers who made a difference in their lives.

Jonathan Gerlach

Kelly Hines

Lance Rougeux

Wixie Logo

In partnership with Wixie, we are pleased to share Monday’s Teacher Appreciation Week Offer from Wixie by Tech4Learning

One FREE year of Wixie from our friends at Tech4Learning

Wixie is a cloud-based creativity tool students can use to demonstrate understanding of standards and share ideas in STEM, STEAM, PBL, and more.

With Wixie, students can:

  • Create projects that include text, images, and voice recording.
  • Share learning through digital stories, eBooks, comics, and more.

With Wixie, teachers can:

  • Review student projects without collecting files.
  • Find great project ideas in the curriculum library.
  • Differentiate assignments based on the needs of your learners.


Check back tomorrow for more videos, a few winners, and a new DEN deal. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


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