5 Stories of Superintendent Leadership from AASA and Discovery Education

Despite wielding tremendous influence in their respective school districts, the lives of superintendents can become isolated if they don’t have peers to reach out to. That can be tolling, even when they’re not in the midst of making weighty decisions.

With this in mind, we developed a five-part content series that demonstrates best practices for superintendents undergoing digital transitions. We spoke with three district leaders to learn how they made their own digital leaps — and how tapping their peer groups through AASA’s Digital Consortium and Discovery Education’s community became instrumental in making the best decisions for their districts.

“We may be very busy people, but every superintendent is going to return a phone call from another superintendent in need. This job does not need to be lonely,” said Mike Lubelfeld, superintendent of Deerfield Public School District 109, in Deerfield, Ill.

Superintendents profiled in the AASA-Discovery Education Case Study Series include:

Kristine Gilmore
D.C. Everest School District
Schofield, Wis.

Mike Lubelfeld
Deerfield Public School District 109
Deerfield, Ill.

Aaron Spence
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Virginia Beach, Va.

“By creating modern digital classrooms that mirror students’ use of technology in their personal lives, the Superintendents profiled in these case studies are not only transforming teaching and learning in their school districts, but they are also leading a movement that is sweeping across the country,” said Mark Edwards, senior vice president of digital learning at Discovery Education, and the AASA 2013 National Superintendent of the Year.

The content series also includes two informative white papers that address how superintendents can discover and develop their own peer communities with help from Discovery Education and AASA:

How Superintendents
PLCs Can Make
Your Job Easier

A Transformation That
Propels Advances in
Student Learning

AASA’s Digital Consortium was founded in 2014 to support school district leadership in the areas of innovation, creativity, and technology. For more information or to find out how to participate in the Digital Consortium, visit the AASA website.


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