Teacher Appreciation Week DEN Deals recap

Teacher Appreciation Week Logo 2017Have you been enjoying the DEN Deals our partners brought you this week for Teacher Appreciation Week? We’ve put them all together on one page to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of them. Check them all out below and let us know how you will be using them in your classroom.

Wixie Logo
Wixie by Tech4Learning

One FREE year of Wixie from our friends at Tech4Learning

Wixie is a cloud-based creativity tool students can use to demonstrate understanding of standards and share ideas in STEM, STEAM, PBL, and more.

With Wixie, students can:

  • Create projects that include text, images, and voice recording.
  • Share learning through digital stories, eBooks, comics, and more.

With Wixie, teachers can:

  • Review student projects without collecting files.
  • Find great project ideas in the curriculum library.
  • Differentiate assignments based on the needs of your learners.


STEAMtrax Logo
STEAMtrax by Polar 3D

One FREE year of STEAMtrax from our friends at Polar 3D

STEAMtrax believes that preparing children to become the engineers of tomorrow requires many hands-on experiences using the engineering design process. Learning to use 3D printers, scanners, and the CAD Design process in conjunction with the engineering design process provides children with opportunities to experience and practice a critical shift in thinking.

Receive a one year site license for STEAMtrax and access for a school to the STEAMtrax cloud with downloadable lessons. In addition, Polar 3D printers and STEAMtrax Kits are available to teachers at a 25% discount through May 31, 2017.


HyperDuino Logo

Special DEN discount on HyperDuino from DEN friend Roger Wagner

Interactive maker projects are the simplest and best way to start establishing your makerspace by linking traditional physical school projects to existing and student-created digital content.

Teachers, parents, and even experienced makers love how easy HyperDuino makes it to be successful in creating projects that are gratifying and motivating for further explorations and learning, and best of all, actually related to the school curriculum.


Bonus Offer! Win a HyerDuino.

“In the very near future, all school poster board, diorama and model projects will be physical-digital interactive.”

– Roger Wagner, Inventor of the HyperDuino

“We know the future doesn’t happen without the dedication and professional skills of teachers everywhere. In appreciation for what you do, your being part of the Discovery Educator Network, and to help you bring the future to your own students, Discovery Education has partnered with Roger Wagner to make available everything you’ll need for your students to create their own curriculum-based projects with interactive touch sensors linked to videos that explain the concepts that are demonstrated in their project.”  — From HyperDuino.com

Roger has graciously offered Discovery Education an opportunity to put HyperDuino in the hands of several lucky recipients. For your chance to be a lucky recipient, follow the link below to add your 6 Word Story of your favorite features or resources in Discovery Education. By doing so, you agree that Discovery Education may share your story from its social media accounts.

Add your 6 Word Story to have a chance to receive a HyperDuino from Roger Wagner.

Buncee Logo

Coupon from our friends at Buncee

Buncee is a cloud-based creation and presentation tool designed to transform next generation learners and develop future-ready-skills for students of all abilities from kindergarten and beyond.

Buncee is offering Discovery Educators a free 30 day trial of Buncee Classroom! Activate the coupon code bunceediscovery by May 15, 2017 to receive this special offer.




Square Panda Logo

Bonus Offer from Square Panda!

Since our DEN family is so terrific, Discovery Education and Square Panda are teaming up for a bonus Teacher Appreciation Week offer!

Get $50 off the Square Panda Classroom Edition.






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