Catch the DENny Awards

It’s that time of year again.

Every year, we gather together to celebrate the dedication, inspiration, and collaboration that we see happening throughout the Discovery Education Community.  We affectionately call this event the DENny Awards.  It is a time when we reflect upon all the amazing events that have occurred over the last year, the work put in by our leadership council members, the innovation displayed by newcomers to the community, and the extraordinary ways that educators are sharing their passion for Discovery Education

Tuesday we’ll be handing out these awards and you can tune it to celebrate with us. Here are the times of our live stream coverage. All times are EDT.

  • 10 am Expertise & Innovation
  • 12 pm  Leadership & Involvement (including RJ Stangherlin Award)
  • 2 pm  Rising STAR & Spirit of the DEN

Each of these three times will feature a unique location at Discovery Headquarters and there may even be some surprise guests. You can tune in via Facebook by following Discovery Education. In addition, you can view inside our new community site. If you’ve not yet registered for our online, here are the instructions. (US subscribers only at this time, but don’t worry, we’ll have global access in the near future)

We’d like to take this time to recognize all the STARS who helped lead our regular #DENchat throughout the year.

Laudan Kirk (Lt. Dan)
Jeremy Badiner
Renee Cunningham
Elizabeth Merritt
Marita Diffenbaugh
Sue Levine
Lindsay Foster
Elizabeth Merritt
Carla Haaven
Peter Panico
Lindsay Foster
Dacia Jones
Elizabeth Merritt
Katie Bollinger
Hugh McDonald
Shelly Karstens
Elizabeth Merritt
Jennifer Wagner
Sara Badiner
Tomika Altman-Lewis
Sheila Fredericks
Terra-Lee Gratton
Hugh McDonald
Michelle Joyce
Talibah Chikwendu – MD
Ania Figueroa – IL
Shaina V. Glass
Lindsay Foster
Suzanne M. Casey
T. Chikwendu
Becky Goddard
Mark Case
Jennifer Hall (Jen)
Lindsay Foster
Shelly Bembridge
Brianna Owens
Laura Dawes
Shelly Karstens
Lindsay Foster

Thanks so much for all that helped lead and facilitate our chats.
We look forward to seeing you online to cheer your colleagues on.


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