Tune in to the DENnys

Join us at this annual event where we recognize members of the DEN Community who have gone above and beyond for the community during the school year.  With categories like the RJ Stangerlin (for excellence in blogging), and Rising STAR (for new STARs), we recognize greatness within the community.

Tuesday we’ll be handing out these awards and you can tune it to celebrate with us. Here are the times of our live stream coverage. All times are EDT.

  • 10 am Expertise & Innovation
  • 12 pm  Leadership & Involvement (including RJ Stangherlin Award)
  • 2 pm  Rising STAR & Spirit of the DEN

Each of these three times will feature a unique location at Discovery Headquarters and there may even be some surprise guests. You can tune in via Facebook by following Discovery Education. In addition, you can view inside our new community site. If you’ve not yet registered for our online, here are the instructions. (US subscribers only at this time, but don’t worry, we’ll have global access in the near future)

We’d also like to recognize all the great STARS who led DEN Ambassador programs throughout the year.


Alexis Alexander
Amy Fraboni
Amy Rowan
Andrew Fekete
Angela Wimmer
Angenine Goode
Ania Figueroa
Annie Monak
Ashley Greenway
Barbara Reinert/Zachary Cuppy
Brenda Elmore
Chelsea Murray
Christina Baroldi
Christine Schein
Cynthia Svilar
Dawn Donahue
Deb Thonus
Denise De Clair
Denisha Read
Diana Konjura
Diane Lefebvre
Elizabeth DeRoo
Erin Denniston
Erin Denniston
Ethel Gaides
Eve Heaton
Heather Elliott
Henrique Vissotto
Hugh McDonald
Jeanne Ruth
Jennifer Hall, NBCT
Jessica Zepik
John – Paul Cortez
Judie Hardin
Karen DeVore
Karen Ladendorf
Karen Wells
Kat Staton
Kathleen Dziok
Kathy Moesch
Kim McMonagle
Kim Rovitelli
Laura Smith
Lesley Cummins
Lisa Head-Walker, Ed. S
Lucas Shivers
Margie Rogers
Maria Jones
Martha Snider
Melissa Blank
Melissa Fisher
Melissa Matthews
Melissa Murray
Meredith Jones
Michael Jephcott
Mrs. Linda Merk
Nancy Swanson
Neva Moga
Pamela James
Pamella LeMuiex
Penny Proudfoot/Michelle Harman
Peter Panico
Rachael Postle-Brown and Dave Tchozewski
Rod Carnill
Sandy SanAhmadi
Shaina Glass
Shelley Mann
Shelley Matthews
Shelley Sink
Sonya Cathey
Susan K.S. Grigsby
Susan Sawin
Tamara Van Wyhe
Tammy Crews
Theresa Stager
Tomika R. Altman-Lewis
Tony Webb
Tracie Belt
Wanda Hanley
Cathy Daniel
Aimee McCoy
Andrea Earl
Brandon Wislocki
Kathy Martin
Michael Jephcott
Martha Snider
Tiffany Daher
Dawn Donahue
Scott Clark
Cheryl Woolwine
Shelley Mann
Melissa Matthews
Jennifer Hall, NBCT
Susan K.S. Grigsby
Katrina Stanfield
Susie Throop
Heidi Morgan
Jessica Zepik
Angela Cramer
Jason Gribble
Theresa Stager
Margie Rogers and Robin Woolsey
Anna Pollard
Betsey Altman
Heather Pennica
Sabrina Jenkins
Judy Uhrig
Katie Bollinger
Sedley Abercrombie
Carla Haaven
Michelle Burton
Ethel Gaides
Barbara De Santis
Dawn Huston
Ashley Weber
Jennifer Southers
Kristin Magee
Lisa Allred
Lori Larsen
Pam Inabinett
Thomas McAuliff
Mason Mason
Chelsea Murray
Howard J Martin
Heather Lamb
Lindsay Foster
Shaina Glass
Elaine Plybon
Elizabeth Merritt
Rod Carnill
Cheryl Hinzman
Heather Andersen
Sara Gull
Neva Moga
Shelly Karstens
Rita A. Mortenson
Joanie Rueth

What an impressive list of great educators! We are truly grateful for their commitment. See you tomorrow!


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