DEN Leadership Council- Enroll Today!

Enrollment for the DEN Leadership Council for the 2017- 2018 is now open!

If you’re interested in not only impacting your local community but working to support our global community, consider signing up to be a member of the DEN Leadership Counil (LC). The LC members are the most active contributors to the Discovery Education Community and they play an instrumental role in shaping Discovery Education and the Discovery Education Community.

LC members serve and lead in many ways, based on their own interests. Some members host events supported by Discovery Education, others support social media efforts and contribute regularly in online community conversations, still others create instructional resources or provide product feedback. You may do any combination of these things and even lead in ways that we haven’t imagined yet.

The Leadership Council is driven by the expertise, enthusiasm, and passion of its members.

Participation in the Leadership Council is through self-enrollment. By enrolling to participate, you agree to contribute to the Discovery Education Community by completing different community activities. A number of options are provided to allow for choice and flexibility.

Options include but are not limited to:

* Attendance in Leadership Council meetings
* Reporting DEN STAR events
* Hosting district and regional professional learning and community building events
* Contributing to conversations within the DEN Online Community and across social media platforms
* Developing and sharing instructional content
* Providing input and feedback about Discovery Education’s products and services through focus groups

Being part of the LC is a commitment that includes many benefits. Members have the ability to:

* Play an instrumental role in shaping Discovery Education through participating in focus groups and having early access to service enhancements
* Increase leadership opportunities through online and in-person presentations and events
* Gain access to additional supports from the Discovery Education Community Team through mentoring opportunities
* Receive formal recognition, shared with district leadership, within the Discovery Education Community
* Build deeper relationships and expand a personal professional learning community with other passionate educators from around the globe

We invite you to join us by enrolling in the DEN Leadership Council today!

Please complete your registration by September 15, 2017
*This is an annual program, so we ask that everyone who is interested complete the enrollment form, even if you were an LC member last year.