AgExplorer Virtual Field Trip – Sept. 20 at 1 PM ET

Looking for real-world examples of how scientists are working address the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population? Or how students’ personal talents and interests can be matched to exciting career pathways in food science and technology? 

Together, Discovery Education, Future Farmers of America and Syngenta will take students on a virtual field trip to explore the different techniques and technologies being used to meet the world’s food requirements.
Before our live event, use our free, standards-aligned Educator Companion Guide to view a live world population clock and invite students to ask questions and consider how our growing numbers may impact our natural resources.
Then, from the comfort of your classroom, let us transport you to Syngenta’s Research and Development Center in Research Triangle Park, Raleigh, NC, as we introduce you to an agronomist, biochemist, computational biologist, entomologist, and marketing technologies manager that are all working together to solve this global challenge. Students will discover how professionals are breeding more efficient crops, matching seed varieties with specific climates, utilizing beneficial genes from native crops and more!
After the field trip, use our Educator Companion Guide to dig deeper and guide students to compare the science behind conventional breeding and biotechnology and how they are both used to improve crop yields. Capture sheets help students examine the difference between the two techniques and use academic vocabulary to explain the steps of genetic engineering. Then, students will evaluate these solutions to determine strategies for reducing the impacts of human activities on the environment and biodiversity. 


We hope you join us for the newest addition to the AgExplorer Virtual Field Trip Series and we encourage you to download and incorporate the activities from the Educator Companion Guide in order to further enhance your students viewing experience. 
Cannot make it to our live event? Or do you have multiple sections of classes that cannot participate all at the same time? Don’t worry! We will archive the virtual field trip right after it airs to allow for easy on-demand viewing. 


See you Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 1 PM ET! 


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    My Env Sci 12 class meets earlier in the day. Will this be available to view the following day?

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