Introducing Ignite My Future In School

Will your next Chicago style deep-dish pizza be delivered via drone? Will the next meme you create go viral? You’ve seen amazing 3D movies, with virtual reality becoming more mainstream, but what about adding smells to the experience? All of these real-world questions and much more require computational thinking that stretches across multiple subject areas. That’s why we are incredibly excited about the launch of Ignite My Future In School.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Discovery Education are proud to bring you Ignite My Future In School. This 5-year initiative provides middle school educators with standards-aligned, transdisciplinary resources designed to effectively engage classrooms with the foundations of computational thinking across core subject areas.

As part of the launch of any new program, there are always a lot of questions. Below you will find some quick answers to some of our most frequent questions.

What do we mean when we say computational thinking?

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The seven components of computational thinking.

What resources are available for me?

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Lessons are designed around real-world problems, with 40 launching this year. Computational Thinking is utilized in music, ELA, Social Studies, etc.

How do these lessons connect to what I teach?

Is there Professional Development available?

  • Coming Soon – Experience the pillars of Ignite My Future In School through this dynamic webinar series
  • Coming Soon – Dig deeper into computational thinking with resources that are flexible to your schedule with the e-Learning Module.

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