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Exit Ticket

PDF  and Video Versions

Exit Tickets are a quick way for students to demonstrate their understanding of material that’s been presented. They give the teacher immediate data that helps adapt future instruction and they provide an opportunity for students to reflect on the work they’ve done during class.

Materials:  Discovery Education media (video, text, or image), paper, and pencil/pen

  1. Review the objective(s) of the lesson. Focus on one specific skill or concept that students should have grasped from the media you shared.
  2. Write three to five questions related to that skill or concept. Use a variety of question types, such as multiple choice, true false and short answer. Questions that require a paragraph response can be used, but keep in mind that longer responses will take students a longer time to complete.
  3. After presenting the lesson, have students respond to the Exit Ticket questions in writing.
  4. Collect student responses as their “ticket” out the door.
  5. Analyze the data by reading the responses.
  6. Make decisions about re-teaching, cooperative groupings and lesson pacing/rigor based on what you find in student responses.

Exit Tickets are a quick and easy way to formatively assess student learning from the day’s lesson. They do not have to be complicated or large – in fact, they should be short, sweet, and to the point. Exit Tickets should always go deeper than surface level information so that the teacher can understand how deep the student knowledge of a skill or concept is.


Try using an SOS such as Tweet Tweet or The Question Is to frame the question(s) for your Exit Ticket.

Move your Exit Ticket from pen and paper to a website such as Padlet or app such as Socrative. Using digital tools to get data from students makes it easier to analyze and organize in a quicker manner!


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