Top 5 Reasons to Tune In to Fall VirtCon

VirtCon is a virtual conference that brings the Discovery Education Community together to hear cutting-edge keynotes, inspirational and thought-provoking presentations, and engaging discussions with the community around the globe.

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Here are five reasons to tune in on Saturday, October 21.

trend_circle1. What’s Hot Now

From Virtual Reality in the classroom to participation in collaborative projects that span the globe, learn how Discovery Education dynamically connects your classroom to the latest trends in education and how other educators are making use of these emerging ideas.


pd_pjs_circle2. PD in Your PJs

Come as you are, wherever you are. Whether in bathrobe and slippers, poolside with sunnies, or from the bleachers at the soccer field, you can tune in to virtual professional development from anywhere.


open_door_circle3. Open Doors and Look Inside

Educators around the country have opened the doors to their classrooms in order to show authentic examples of Discovery Education in action. Come learn how other educators are supporting literacy through digital content, facilitating learner agency and student ownership, collaborative STEM, and more.


campfire_circle4. Fireside Chats > Anonymous Lectures

No lectures or ‘sit and get’ here – have candid conversations with education experts about what matters most right now. Ask questions, contribute to the conversation, and make connections. Who knew that professional learning could be so cozy?


toolbox_circle5. Learn it on Saturday, Use it on Monday

Make it, take it, learn it, share it. Practical strategies, real-world examples, and ready-to-go resources are what you can expect from this unique learning opportunity.

Help us spread the word. Share this page and your excitement using the hashtag #DEPD. Let other educators in your district know about it so they can participate too!


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