Celebrate Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Families

It’s October and the fall colors are in full swing with bright oranges, crisp reds, mellow yellows and a supportive pink. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and DecodingCancer.org is dedicated to the mothers, daughters, sisters, and teachers who will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. We have resources to help, as many questions come up in the classroom or at home this month.

Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women. We’ve developed free, NGSS-aligned lessons and resources that dive deep into the science of this disease with the hope to inspire the next generation of Breast Cancer researchers. Below are the topics covered in 5 digital classroom lessons, that are designed to each encompass two 45 minute class periods.

In addition to the lessons, you will find a Virtual Digital Precision Medicine Lab and Career Spotlights.

Beyond lessons taking place in the classroom, students have access to resources at any time. They can use the Virtual Digital Precision Medicine Lab to examine three different patients, order tests and examine clinical features of cancers. Students can explore 15 different Career Spotlights that introduce them to healthcare and other cancer-related careers.

Virtual Digital Precision Medicine Lab

The topic of Breast Cancer certainly extends beyond the school day, touching so many families in our communities. Sometimes even discussing the topic can be wrought with emotion and difficult for our students, even adults to understand. The lessons and labs we previously discussed can play a role in helping to inform our communities, but we have also developed A Family Discussion Guide.

Family Discussion Guide


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