Fall VirtCon 2017 – Final Countdown

Discovery Education Fall VirtCon 2017

In just a few short days, we’ll be gathering together once again to share with you Fall VirtCon. This annual conference taking place on Saturday, October 21 provides educators the chance to learn from some outstanding presenters throughout the day.

This year, VirtCon is focused on three simple but important goals: learn, share, connect.

LEARN about resources to enhance instructional practice.
SHARE the world with students through content, programs, and experiences.
CONNECT with your most valuable resource: each other.

As always, the event is 100% free! To participate, all you need to do is register here and then visit the Fall VirtCon homepage on Saturday morning at 8:45 AM (ET). If you’re on the west coast, we know that’s a little early for you. That’s why we’re archiving the entire event in real time. Just like with a DVR’d program, you can hit pause, rewind, or even scroll back to the very beginning and begin the conference on your own schedule.

Visit the Fall VirtCon homepage to check out the entire schedule, find out how to participate, and to hear from past participants.

See you on Saturday at Fall VirtCon 2017!


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Help us spread the word. Share this page and your excitement using the hashtag #DEPD. Let other educators in your district know about it so they can participate too!


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