SOS: QR Code Graffiti Walk

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QR Code Graffiti Walk

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Engage students by getting them up and moving! The QR Code Graffiti Walk combines comprehension questions, QR codes, and physical activity to boost student interest and engagement. As they travel from one QR code to another, students are asked to share ideas and respond to questions both verbally and in written form. This collaborative conversation boosts comprehension and helps students learn how to work together to summarize their ideas into one response on the chart paper.
Materials: QR codes containing thought-provoking questions, QR codes that point to Discovery Education media asset(s),chart paper, markers

1.    Prepare to use the QR Code Scavenger Hunt strategy.

  • Determine the content standards you’ll be addressing
  • Locate content-related media assets from Discovery Education or other sources
  • Develop thought-provoking questions to pose to students
  • Create and print QR codes that point to the media assets and others that contain the questions you developed
  • Attach QR codes to chart paper and display them around the room
  • Suggestions:
    • Create at least one more chart than the number of student groups you’ll have
    • Not every poster needs a media asset; some can be QR codes with questions only

2.    Arrange students in groups. Give each one a different color of marker and start each group at a different QR code.

3.    Each group should scan their code, discuss, and then write their answers and insights on the chart paper.

4.    Have groups circulate around the room, either at designated times, or at their own pace. At each stop they’ll scan the QR code, review the media and/or question, discuss, and respond. As they are writing on the posters, encourage them to respond not only to the questions found in the QR codes, but also to one another.

5.    Pull students back into a whole group setting and facilitate a discussion to debrief the activity.

The QR Code Graffiti Walk adds movement and mystery to the simple task of answering comprehension questions. Thought-provoking questions and engaging digital media spark meaningful group dialogue, and because each group can see the responses of the other groups, student comprehension is deepened. Giving groups different colors of markers allows you to keep track of comments made on the posters, which increases accountability for what is shared.
Instead of generating QR codes for the digital media, have students view or read a resource as a whole group. QR codes could then be used to provide questions to spark further dialogue, debate, or to extend concepts and ideas.

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