Learning in 360 Degrees: Ms. Davidson’s Students Are Heroic

Learning is: Exploring Heroes and Warriors in Literature and Real Life

Visit Ms. Davidson’s ELA 4 classroom at J.L. Mann High School in Greenville County Schools, South Carolina. This month, they allowed our Discovery Education Community to join them in studying medieval life and literature.

The Big Idea

By completing a series of interactive centers featuring Discovery Education Streaming Plus instructional strategies and curated content, Ms. Davidson’s English/Language Arts 4 students examined opportunities to compare and contrast Anglo Saxon Warriors with Anglo Norman Knights. After exploring the resources and peer-to-peer discussion, students bridge their prior learning about Anglo Saxon Warriors and literature with an upcoming unit on Anglo Norman Knights, ballads, and varied literature formats.

Step Inside

Learn more by stepping into a 360 degree view of Ms. Davidson’s classroom. Here are tips to maximize the experience:

  • After launching the 360 degree image, spin your view to find the pin that reads Begin Here. Play the embedded video to meet Ms. Davidson as she shares what students are learning.
  • Just as students rotate through the centers, follow the pins in numerical order. Each numbered pin contains an embedded video that describes what students are doing in each station to support their learning.
  • Don’t take our word for it: hear from Ms. Davidson and see examples of her students’ learning by selecting the pins with images.

View the 360 Experience in a separate tab here. 


Interested in creating a similar experience in your class?  Check out the strategies and resources used by Ms. Davidson.

The Set Up: Ms. Davidson grouped her students strategically into four groups to correlate with the Padlet of four sources she wanted her students to explore. Each group had its own color and received markers in that color for creating their Placemat. The color groups were then pre-organized for their Jigsaw groups, composed of one individual from each original group.

Part 1: Students in each individual color group explored their designated article from the class Padlet about Anglo Saxon and Angle Norman culture. Each student filled out his/her corner of their Placement (CND), and then they worked together to develop a unifying statement that summarized their resource. Finished placemats were posted around the room for inspiration and reference.

Part 2: Using the Jigsaw SOS strategy (CND) , students shared what they learned from their groups, their articles, and their placemats with others in the class. Each new group was comprised of one learner from each original color group. Students could have referenced their shared placemats if needed to complete their compare/contrast graphic organizers.

What’s next for Ms. Davidson’s students in this unit?

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  1. Angela Baker said:

    This is the great example how to make studying interesting for students. Exploring, comparing and discussion – I cannot find the better strategy to encourage our children to take part in the lesson. To my point of view, studying foreign literature gives students an opportunity to broaden horizons, develop their skills and knowledge.

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