DEN Trend Report 11/14/17

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Should Student Technology Be Free? (eSchool News)

But what happens when the pace of technology outstrips the law, as it often does, and gadgets begin to replace textbooks?

Two state lawmakers argue that schools that dole out student technology as part of the curriculum and then charge a fee for those devices are crossing a line.

Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Oh My! 4 Tools for Picting in the Classroom (EdSurge)

We’ve all heard it before: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That famous idiom (or is it a cliche?) first appeared in a 1911 newspaper and has been widely used since. In today’s society, however, the phrase has taken on a whole new meaning. Using images instead of text to convey ideas—known as “picting”—is becoming the norm among today’s digital-first students.

How Do Training Needs Change as Schools Learn to Improve? (Education Week)

Training support for a new school improvement programs often dries up after teachers get the basics down, but one program is studying how to keep teachers involved after the novelty wears off.

The Building Assets, Reducing Risks program—an intervention designed to ease students’ transition to high school—is working to find out how professional development changes for new and more experienced schools implementing the program. BARR is the first intervention funded under the federal Education Innovation and Research program (and its predecessor, the Investing in Innovation program) to build up enough evidence over time to move from initial development to full scale-up. Its current study could help policymakers understand how to sustain school improvement programs in the long term.

5 Tech Trends Influencing Student Engagement (Education Dive)

Keeping students focused has always been a challenge, but in today’s distraction-ridden world, it’s even more difficult. Technology can be a source of distraction, but when harnessed effectively, it can engage students and enable educators to adopt a more personalized approach to education.

With the adoption of tech devices and innovative solutions on the rise, many schools are rejecting the traditional lecture class format in favor of more active learning initiatives. With that in mind, we rounded up five of the most popular approaches to boosting student engagement — and how they’re faring in the classroom.


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