Introducing Jackson Cha-Ching: Earn, Save, Spend, Donate SOS Activity

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Build Background Knowledge: Spotlight on Strategies – Visual Walkabout

Before watching the video, “Earn, Save, Spend and Donate,” have your students build background knowledge by using the SOS Visual Walkabout. PDF Version of SOS


Print and post the following images around your room.  Some images can be printed on the same page.

  • Coins, Bank, ATM, Paper Money, Debit Cards, Checks, Wallet, Purse, Bank Teller, etc.
  • Under each photo post a T-chart.  On the left-hand side of the chart write “The Connection” on the right-hand side write “Our Questions.”
  • Explain to students that you are about to begin a unit on money.  Ask students to share what they know about money with the group.
  • Now, have students work in pairs or groups of 3 to visit a minimum of 5 of the images.  Together they should discuss the connection they believe it has to the unit of study and what questions the pictures may raise.  Each pair should list one statement and/or question on the provided T-Charts for each photo displayed

Explore: Watch the Cha-Ching Video “Earn, Save, Spend and Donate.”

Once all groups have shared out, have them watch the Cha-Ching Video. You will want to pause the video at the ~1:28 mark and ask students to share out using the SOS: Snowball Fight.

Earn, Save, Spend and Donate Video

SOS Snowball Fight

  • Have each student take out a blank piece of paper. Explain to students that while they watch the video, they need to write one fact they learned from the video.
  • Have students crumple up the piece of paper into a ball, and on the count of three everyone throws their “snowballs” in the air.
  • Each student has to pick up a snowball. They read the fact and add additional supporting facts OR a new statement.
  • Repeat again.
  • Have students share what is on their snowball whole group.

Return to the video and either restart the video from the beginning or pick-up where you left off depending on what you think would best serve your class.

Explain: Summarize Using the SOS: Six Word Story

Now that your students have watched the video use the SOS: Six Word Story to have them summarize what they saw and heard in the video.

  • Have students discuss the video, making predictions about what they think each of the characters will do with their money.
  • Explain to students that they need to individually summarize the video in 6 words or less.
  • Have students share their summaries.  Discuss similarities and differences.

Elaborate and Explore: Visit the Cha-Ching Site

We encourage you to visit the “Cha-Ching site” to explore videos and activities all around financial literacy. Here’s another activity for you to try out in your class and elaborate on the concept we just introduced.

Earn, Save, Spend, Donate Activity


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