Help Your Students Conquer College Costs!

Take your students on a digital quest with the new Financial Pur$uit self-paced module from TGR EDU: Explore to unlock important information about college financing and learn to navigate the financial aid process.

Students and families often feel overwhelmed and confused by the college financial aid process, and paying for college can be a concern. Many families are unable to pay for an entire year of college up front, let alone four. There are also several misconceptions about what financial aid is, who is eligible, and what it takes to be eligible.



The Financial Pur$uit e-learning module was created to help debunk these misconceptions, build student confidence about affording college, and provide a pathway that includes resources and information to help students (and their families) successfully access college financial aid.


Throughout the module, students will learn strategies for understanding college costs, completing financial aid forms, and deciphering financial aid award letters. It also includes steps students can take before and during senior year to help them pay for college.


The primary audience is high school students, but middle school students and parents can also benefit from Financial Pur$uit. While it is primarily designed for students to move through at their own pace in a 1:1 environment, this Educator’s Guide has been designed to help educators, guidance counselors, and parents/guardians support or lead the learning in a 1: many environment or at home.





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