Lead a DEN Ambassador Cohort this Spring

Are you an educator who likes learning, sharing and connecting with others?

Do you enjoy learning new strategies for integrating digital media into your lessons?

The DEN Ambassador Program can support you!

The DEN Ambassador Program is a learning experience designed to build a community of educators who share, reflect and learn together as they integrate digital media into their teaching practice. Discovery Education hosts this program twice each school year and any school or district with Discovery Education services is invited to participate at no cost. The program materials support the integration of digital media and technology into the teaching practice and provide a platform for emerging leaders to collaborate.


DEN Ambassadors meet for 3 in-person learning sessions with online conversations occurring in between meetings. Sessions and conversations are focused on strategies and resources for effective digital integration in the classroom. As the DEN Ambassador lead, you’ll guide Ambassadors through the resources and lead activities to model effective strategies and build a community of educators at your school or district.

“The program is great for educators who want to develop their leadership experience because it provides the structure and materials you need to lead the learning experiences for your colleagues. They literally provide the presentations, handouts, and content for email communications. It takes so much pressure off and makes it fun.” Shaina Glass, Texas

The program is perfect for any group of educators who are interested in learning how to integrate digital media more effectively and have an interest in sharing their learning with others. DEN Ambassador cohorts can vary in size, from 3 to 25+ participants. Media specialists, grade level leads, content area specialists, professional learning coaches and classroom teachers are among those who have participated in the program.

Discovery Education provides  everything you need to host sessions and communicate with participants including editable presentations & scripts for each of the 3 sessions, program handouts and activities, sample messaging and ongoing support from Discovery Education.


Each of the 3, in person sessions should be held within the following time frames for Spring 2018:

Session 1: January 29 – February 9

Session 2: February 26 – March 9

Session 3: April 2 – April 13





Click here to learn more & register to host the program:


CAN: https://teachers.discoveryeducation.ca/resource/ambassador-program-details/



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