Be a Champion for Your Students

As students embark on the college process, they are often overwhelmed. There are so many colleges and universities to choose from, how can they know if they are choosing the right one? The TalentED Project gives unique access to free tools to help your students connect with admissions recruiters from selective colleges and universities across the country. The platform builds relationships between students and admissions officers in order to match college-goers with institutions where they’re more likely to succeed and graduate. TalentED students have the opportunity to showcase themselves to recruiters to be more than a GPA and a name on a page.


Do these stories remind you of students you know? Spotlight your students to admissions recruiters from some of the nation’s top universities and search for institutions that meet their academic, social, and financial needs.


Who Should I Share This With?

Chances are that you know several educators that are involved in helping students with college access. This could be the school counselor, a high school teacher, principal, district lead, etc. The TalentED Project is really available to anyone that helps students navigate the college application process. We encourage you to share this with your colleagues.

Looking to learn more about The TalentED Project? Join an upcoming webinar to explore how The TalentED Project helps connect your students with colleges and universities that are a good fit for them.

Register and invite your students to create free profiles today, to help them realize their potential and increase their chances for college attainment.


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