Learning in 360: Exploring Engineering in Grade 3

Learning is: Allowing Students to Explore and Make Connections to Others

Visit Mr Cote’s grade3 class in Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada. This month, they allowed our Discovery Education Community to join them in their study of forces within their Engineering Unit.

The Big Idea

Mr Cote uses Science Techbook to facilitate his students’ learning on Structures and Forces within their Engineering Unit. Students have experienced several lessons leading up to this particular day primarily using the “Engage” portion of this unit. Mr. Cote is now asking students to explore the resources found throughout this unit, record any new learning and then using the SOS “Connect the Dots” have students make connections to other classmates ideas.

Step Inside

Learn more by stepping into a 360-degree view of Mr Cote’s classroom. Here are tips to maximize the experience:

  • After launching the 360-degree image, spin your view to find the pin that showing the “i” icon. Play the embedded video to meet Mr Cote as he explains the Unit Overview. The pin labelled “1” has Mr. Cote sharing the specifics of this lesson.
  • Click on any pin. While they are numbered, it is not critical to follow them in order. Each pin represents various elements and aspects of the lesson and Science Techbook.

View the 360 Experience in a separate tab here.


Interested in creating a similar experience in your class?  Check out the strategies and resources used by Mr Cote.  You can also explore additional resources and lesson plans by utilizing the updated “Search by Topic” feature within your Discovery Education resources.

Content: Structures and Forces (Alberta Grade 3)
Spotlight on Strategies: Connect the Dots (US link)

Don’t be afraid to reach out to Mr. Cote.
You can find him on Twitter at @ryley_cote

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