RAD Lands In School

One of the things I love about virtual field trips put on by Discovery Education and their education partners is that they are archived. On November 8th, Discovery Education and Chipotle hosted a virtual field trip. My class wasn’t able to participate on that day, so we watched the archived virtual field trip on the RAD Lands in School website. The goal of the field trip was to educate and entertain kids about where their food comes from and how it is prepared. As part of the experience, we me the Cultivators, an elite team of intergalactic kids dedicated to protecting the galaxy’s plants and animals. My students liked watching the Cultivators save their friends from becoming flavor cubes, processed food that might taste good, but isn’t healthy for you. The big take away they had from the experience was the importance of knowing what’s in your food while staying away from processed foods and eating healthy, fresh food, as often as possible.

As an educator, I like when I can connect families at home with what we are doing in the classroom. The RAD Lands in School virtual field trip allowed me to do this. The specific way in which this was done was through the healthy snack challenge. Participants where challenged to see what healthy snack they could make with ingredients in the kitchen. After watching this challenge on the virtual field trip, I challenged my students to do the same. Check out the gallery below to see how my students took on the challenge, and the healthy snacks they made at home. Our school just installed a brand new salad bar and we looks forward to seeing how we can make fresh food and healthy choices a part of our every day eating experience.

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