#CelebrateWithDE – World Poetry Day

Provide your students with a fun and engaging entry into poetry to celebrate World Poetry Day. Although poetry can sometimes be difficult to understand or appreciate, these resources showcase some of the most interesting and accessible work by famous poets and then suggest some activities that will help students practice writing poetry about familiar topics.

Featured Resource

Content Collection: Poetry
Discovery Education Streaming
Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Assorted Resources

Delve into poetry, a form of literature that uses figurative language and carefully chosen words to convey broad themes and emotions. Learn about groundbreaking poets from history and about how everyday people-including students-can use poetry to convey feelings and enrich their lives.

Notable Poets and Projects

Alan L. Strang: “The Storm”
Discovery Education Streaming
Grades K-2, Reading Passage

A children’s poem about a storm by Alan L. Strang.
Li-Young Lee: I Ask My Mother to Sing
Discovery Education Streaming
Grades 3-5, Reading Passage

Students read the poem, take notes on what the speaker describes, and then identify the theme of the poem.
Emily Dickinson Publishes First Poem
Discovery Education Streaming, Social Studies Techbook
Grades 6-8, 9-12, Video Segment

Emily Dickinson became one of the first popular female poets.
The PBS NewsHour: Classic Poems Turn Lyrical on Natalie Merhant’s New Album
Discovery Education Streaming
Grades 9-12, Full Video

Singer and songwriter Natalie Merchant sets poetry to music in her new studio album, looking at childhood through the works of poets such as e.e. cummings, Robert Graves, and even Mother Goose.

Create a Poem

After your students have had a chance to read and listen to a selection of poetry, lead a discussion about what makes a collection of words a poem. Can you define a poem? Then, encourage them to write a poem of their own. Sometimes, creativity is enhanced by structure, so try using the Make It Concrete (Canadian Version) strategy from our Spotlight on Strategies series or the activity Writing a Weather Poem (Canadian Version) [Streaming, Science Techbook], designed for grades K-2 but appropriate for all students. Poetry Writing (Canadian Version) [Streaming] is a video segment about creating poetry with assistive technology, and you’ll find some great ideas there.

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