DEN STAR Educator Program Relaunch

DEN STAR Educators are knowledgeable about the effective use of Discovery Education’s digital services, programs, and events. They actively share this knowledge with other educators, and they report their sharing through the DEN Online Community. Discovery Education supports DEN STAR Educators with exclusive resources, learning opportunities, and experiences, and recognizes and celebrates them in-person and in the DEN Online Community.
It is simple to become a DEN STAR Educator, and educators of all experience and expertise levels are welcome.

We’re excited to share the relaunch of the DEN STAR Educator program, in its new home in the DEN Online Community. Within this new DEN STAR exclusive group you can easily access your resources and tools and connect with other DEN STAR Educators through discussions and events.

For current DEN STARs, don’t worry, you haven’t lost your STAR! However, you do need to renew your STAR status to be considered active for the school year. If you’ve never had DEN STAR status, we are excited to welcome you to this community of educators- we invite you to learn more and complete an application.

  1. Set up your profile in the DEN Online Community: in addition to being the home for DEN STAR program, the DEN Online Community is a platform to learn, share, and connect with other educators.
  2. Complete a STAR Application Course (Renew or Begin New): the brief online course will tell you more about what’s new with Discovery Education, the DEN STAR program, new benefits, and more.
  3. Report a sharing event: as always, a sharing event is any time you’ve shared Discovery Education with three or more educators. You’ve probably already done it – you just need to tell us about it!

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll get your DEN STAR badge on your profile in the DEN Online Community which confirms your STAR status for this year.

We are so excited about all of the updates to the program and to have a home for them here in the DEN Online Community. We look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!

Please don’t hesitate to contact Emily Wirth with any questions about the STAR process at


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    Thanks for the program
    I’m very happy to be in touch. ..

    I’m looking for the DEN STAR Educator

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