Accepted to #DENSI2018: Meet Stephanie Malkin

Accepted to #DENSI2018

Congratulations, Stephanie Malkin!


Personal Pathways Teacher for Grades 7-9, Edmonton Catholic Schools (AB)

Stephanie has a range of experiences at a variety of levels and schools with supporting students with diverse learning needs in a nontraditional school setting. She has a passion for finding and sharing innovative ways to motivate children to succeed. Stephanie is fairly new to our DEN community and is looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate and learn with others at our DENSI 2018!

From Stephanie’s #DENSI2018 Application

Tell us what skills or strengths you will bring to the DENSI experience.

This quote from Ignacio Estrada: “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” summarizes what I believe about education and what I strive to do each day for my students. This opportunity with Discovery Education’s Summer Institute would truly enhance my teaching skills and abilities for the students enrolled in this program. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate and meet new people that share my passion for teaching in new unique and effective ways. I believe that we learn so much from other professionals that have the same type of passion for learning and teaching as myself. I am excited to share the unique opportunities that we offer in Edmonton Catholic Schools and even more excited to learn and create new memories and friendships from the other people at the Summer Institute.



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  1. Anne said:

    Congratulations Stephanie! It sounds like you have lots to share. After attending my first DENSI last year I can tell you that is a wonderful, incomparable PD experience – and you will have a new, large, worldwide PLN!.

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