Science Fair Central

As creation and science fair time approaches, the Science Fair Central website is a rich resource of ideas for projects of investigation.  For me, it is a year-round resource for maker activities, local workshop events, and inspiration.

As an educator, I was first drawn to the Science Fair Central website to participate in the Home Depot workshops for kids – To register, visit  These monthly workshops give parents and children the opportunity to engage in hands-on making and creation.

The Science Fair Central also has a wealth of projects for students to engage in the scientific and engineering process.  By simply clicking on project ideas, you can elect a Life Science, Earth Science or Physical Science category, and access starter investigations.  Here are just a few of the starter investigations from animals:

  • How does size affect the breathing rates of tropical fish?
  • How does temperature impact the activity of ants
  • How does time of day affect the problem-solving ability of a hamster in a maze?
  • How does surface affect the travel rate of a caterpillar?
  • What foods do worms prefer in a compost bin?
  • Which conditions attract the most insect pests (mosquitos, flies, gnats)?
  • What natural products are best at repelling insect pests (mosquitos, flies, gnats)?
  • What conditions affect the sleep of domesticated puppies?
  • How does temperature affect the development of a caterpillar?
  • What type of food and feeder will attract the most cardinals?
  • How does moisture affect the tunneling ability of ants?
  • How do laws/policies on deer affect deer populations?
  • How do the behaviors of domesticated cats compare to the behaviors of wild cats in zoo captivity?
  • Are natural sponges more absorbent than synthetic sponges?

For the organizer of creation and science fair events, the site has event planning guides, presentation shopping lists, sample parent letters, hands-on activities, and judge scoring sheets.

If you have not visited Science Fair Central recently, now is the time to check out the resources and ideas as spring fever can turn into creation and investigation fever.


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