Positioning Students for the Future

In our previous post, we looked at resources to help students and families understand the true cost of college and research different types of financial aid.  This week, we focus in on student self-advocacy and how they can put their best foot forward for admissions recruiters.

Resumes aren’t just something used when seeking employment. Building a solid academic resume, as well as a personal statement will help recruiters go beyond GPAs and learn more about a student.  This is why Discovery Education has partnered with The TalentED Project and TGR EDU: Explore to provide clear and concise resources that help educators, students and families position students for the future.

TGR EDU: Explore – Lessons


Building an academic resume goes beyond writing out a list of courses taken and corresponding grades. A transcript can do that. The Academic Resume lesson reinforces the importance of students playing an active part in their school/community and to pursue their hobbies.  Moving beyond a resume, a personal statement allows students answer the “What’s your story?” question recruiters have about prospective students.

The Personal Statement lesson really dives into the writing process, asking students to use the narrative technique to write a compelling statement.

Optional Strategy: A great brainstorming strategy that you can use with your class as they think about both their academic resume and personal statement is Who Are You?

The TalentED Project

The TalentED Project knows your students are more than a GPA or a test score. Through a personalized profile and storyboard, admissions recruiters can hear about your students from the source, THEM! Students have the opportunity to share videos, photos, and stories about their hobbies, accomplishments and extracurricular activities. Providing a connection between students, advisors and admissions recruiters, The TalentED Project presents a place to build out a students’ personal statement and academic resume and provides the opportunity for students to showcase their individual passions and strengths in the college admissions process.

View full sample student profiles here

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