Teen Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum

Take A Stand For Healthy Relationships is an exciting program from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) that teaches students how to understand and build healthy relationships. Through a series of self-paced modules, your students will learn how to exercise skills in communication and self-awareness, and how they can develop healthy friendships and relationships.

The modules introduce students to Aye, a robot who is learning how to process personal emotions as well as the emotions of others. Throughout the modules, Aye encounters several real-life scenarios and learns how to respond to different situations to take a stand for healthy relationships.

The curriculum is self-contained through six module units with corresponding educator guides that outline strategies to support students and foster continued conversation. Learn how you can take a stand in your classroom and teach your students how to maintain healthy and safe relationships.


 Module 1: Developing Emotional Intelligence

The first step to taking a stand for healthy teen relationships is identifying personal emotions and being mindful of those feelings. Explore complex emotions with your students to recognize and understand the emotions and needs of others through self-awareness.

Module 2: External Influencers

External influencers, such as the media, affect the way we feel about ourselves and others. This module shines a light on the effects of external influencers in order to foster mindful awareness. Students will identify and reflect on external influences of society and examine the impact these influencers can have on the decisions we make.

Module 3: Love and Respect

What do all types of love have in common? Respect. Teach your students about different types of relationships and how love is represented through respect for one another. Students will explore healthy, respectful, and safe relationship examples to learn about healthy conflict.

Module 4: Creating Healthy Relationships

Creating relationships can be challenging for teens. Through examining unhealthy behaviors in relationships, your students will learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how they can build healthy relationships in their own lives.

Module 5: Allying for Safe and Healthy Relationships

Once your students understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, how do they ally for them? This module encourages bystander intervention by teaching students how to be an ally and safely seek help when necessary.

Module 6: Taking a Stand for Healthy Relationships

Engagement skyrockets when students drive their own learning. Foster student-led action to build alliances and affect healthy relationship awareness in your school and community.

Through this critical content, students will understand unhealthy behaviors, learn how to identify red flags, recognize unhealthy relationships, and establish healthy boundaries in their own relationships. Get started today and encourage your students to take a stand!


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  1. iOS Trends said:

    It is really important to teach your teen before they get into the dating. These days, all these digital mediums have made things easier for preps to get closer to teenagers.

  2. Tutoriage said:

    It is very important to know how to understand and build healthy relationships. Not everyone have good experience about relationships.

  3. sahil said:

    understanding of each other is very important if we want to be in relationship with someone.

  4. Andrew Moore said:

    It is very important to spread this information among students so that they will no how to creat healthy relations and protect theirselves from harmful influence of media! You did great job by putting together such important advices here!

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