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Learning in 360: Supporting Social Emotional Learning with Streaming


Learning is:

Visit Miss Matthews 5th grade class in Stockton, California. Her school, John R Williams Elementary, invited the Discovery Education Community to share their experience with a Board Builder Challenge tapping into various resources from Streaming Plus. Several classes from grades 4 through 6 participated.


The Big Idea

Through Content Collections, students explored and discussed obstacles to kindness, friendship and community. Students learned from one historical figure, Martin Luther King, and were given the opportunity to research other historical figures from whom lessons of empathy and tolerance could be learned. Students then collected quotes, videos, and images to personalize meaning for themselves, their school, and local community. They displayed their learning through Board Builder and shared with their peers. Exemplars of this student work can be found through the links below:




Step Inside


Learn more by stepping into a 360-degree view of Miss Matthews’ classroom. Here are tips to maximize the experience:

  • After launching the 360-degree image, spin your view to find the pin that showing the “i” icon. Play the embedded video to meet Miss Matthews as she explains the Unit Overview. The pin labelled “1” has Miss Matthews sharing the specifics of this lesson.
  • Click on any pin. While they are numbered, it is not critical to follow them in order. Each pin represents various elements and aspects of the lesson and Streaming Plus.



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  1. Veronica King said:

    HELLO! It was nice to see how different sites provides students with the technology exposure and opportunity to practice community building. Way to Go!

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