Set for the Summer: Econ Essentials Helps Students Prepare for their Financial Future

School is out and sunshine is in – which means that kids are itching for some fun summer activities! Parents take on a whole new job when summer comes around, and finding things to keep the kids busy can sometimes become, well… a bit of a challenge.

Discovery Education and CME Group have partnered to create Econ Essentials, a program designed to help high school students learn about economic principles as part of its Futures Fundamentals program. These free interactive resources, aligned with high school economics standards, are designed for students in grades 9 through 12.

Just because school isn’t in session doesn’t mean that learning has to stop. Here are some tips designed to help parents keep students engaged throughout the summer with Econ Essentials. Educators – here is your chance to shine! Be a hero for all those parents looking to find summer fun with their kids to do. They will thank you!

Without further ado, here are some tips to give your students’ parents:

  1. Teach teens how to navigate expenses for after graduation.

    • With Econ Essentials’ “Foundations of Finance” module, students will learn about interest rates and their impact on personal finances. In this simulation, students must navigate the tricky financial decisions that arise after graduating from high school, from student loans to buying a car. Parents and students will watch fortunes grow—or shrink—based on the choices students make!
  2. Discover why the U.S. needs a new generation of farmers.

    • Parents can become interested in learning about career paths with their students, and those students might consider a career in farming! The future of the US food supply will soon be in the hands of millennials. Parents and students can follow a recent grad as she hones her interest in agriculture and creates a farm of the future. Students can be inspired to do the same!

  1. Find out how to use “Futures Fundamentals” – the program that brought us Econ Essentials.

    • Parents and students will explore concepts like futures, hedging, and speculating and discover how each play an essential role in the world around us. Parents and students can learn why futures matter and the impact of fuel futures, discover an introduction to derivatives, and even play a game called “Risk Ranch!”

  1. Explore how algae could change the fossil fuel industry.

    • Journey to Hawaii through this engaging video and find out what algae really has to offer. Parents and students will visit an algae pond where scientists study and refine ways algae can fuel our future. Who knew how much impact some funny green stuff could have on the environment?

  1. Bond over the facts about food.

    • Ever wonder why a sandwich costs what it does? This digital learning module takes parents and students on a journey from farm to wallet and investigates what causes the prices of certain foods to increase and decrease. Parents might want to keep a snack on hand for this one – everyone might get hungry!

These are just a few of the “essentials” that this program has to offer. There are plenty of other pieces to dive into for the summer, so skip the sunscreen and beat the heat while parents and students prepare for their financial future with Econ Essentials.

Have parents get started today at and share their experiences on Twitter using #EconEssentials!


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