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Connecting students with the real-world sounds incredibly easy, after all, we live in the real world.  Our students encounter and navigate real-world opportunities and challenges on a daily basis, and we want to make sure they are best equipped to do so. Every action is a data point. And, whether completely conscious of it or not,  students analyze data to make decisions daily. We want to help them understand the many ways data will continue to appear as they advance their education and ultimately select a field and career. As educators, we want to provide strategies to support students as they tackle these problems and inspire them to understand the power of data for their futures. That’s why we are excited to announce the Discover Data program from The Nielsen Foundation, built in collaboration with Discovery Education and The Afterschool Alliance.

The resources available through Discover Data were developed to increase awareness around the power of data and data science; inspire students to pursue data-driven careers, and connect youth with role models through Nielsen volunteers.  Simply go to to access resources for your classroom and afterschool program.

Below you will find the resources available at As the program grows in future years, so will its resources. As we pilot this program in its inaugural year, we will ask teachers to help us shape future resources by providing their feedback.

Classroom Activities: Discover Data’s activities were designed to inspire students to think critically about the data that surrounds them. These resources were created to support educators and volunteers as they demonstrate how data can be used to answer authentic questions and solve real-world problems. Below are some questions students will investigate:

  • Does an athlete need to win games or have the highest scores to be an effective spokesperson for a brand or product?

  • Is it better to bring a high-price “premium” product into a category with lots of similar goods or fewer similar goods?

  • How will the media consumption habits of millennials change by the year 2050?

Career Profiles: These profiles showcase the responsibilities and diverse opportunities available when pursuing a data-driven career.

Another exciting component of the Discover Data program is that it works to engage the diverse, active and innovative community of Nielsen volunteers who can talk about data science and help to deliver a Discover Data activity with classrooms and afterschool programs in their local communities.

Schools will be able to request a visit from a real-world data expert who will discuss their career and take students through an activity from  Schools and afterschool programs are also invited to access the resources on their own anytime at no cost.

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