Favorite SOS for Videos

It’s no secret: the  Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) series is a DEN Community favorite!

Contributed by DEN members like you, this collection of research-based instructional strategies offers educator-tested ideas for integrating digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways.

The list below highlights the most popular SOS to use with Discovery Education video resources. You can also download all of these strategies in a convenient packet.

Try one or more of these strategies and share your experience with us in the DEN Online Community.


A-E-I-O-U (CDN Version) helps students interpret what they’ve viewed in a video asset by asking them to write about their thoughts next to the five descriptive categories that begin with each of the vowels:  A= Adjective, E = Emotion, I = Interesting, O = Oh!, U = Um?


Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt (CDN Version) promotes active listening  by asking students to clap and define vocabulary words they hear within Discovery Education video assets.


Three Truths and One Lie (CDN Version) helps students focus on the key idea in a video selection. After watching, they write three truths they hear and one lie they make up and then test one another to see who knows which is which.


Silence is Golden (CDN Version) deprives students of auditory input, redirecting their attention to the visual clues provided in a Discovery Education video segment. After viewing video without sound, students participate in active discussion that supports new understanding based on what they saw.


Table Top Texting (CDN Version) requires students to exercise critical thinking to analyze and discuss a video segment through written texts shared with one another.


MythBustin’ (CDN Version) mimics the scientific inquiry model used on the popular television show, Mythbusters. Students consider statements provided by the teacher and, through the exploration of a variety of resources, determine whether the statements are fact or fiction.


Snowball Fight (CDN Version) engages students in a lively game that encourages them to  communicate the big ideas from a selected Discovery Education video. After watching the video, students write the big idea on paper, crumble it up, and toss it in a mock snowball fight.


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