Favorite SOS for Images

It’s no secret: the  Spotlight on Strategies series (CDN Version) is a DEN Community favorite!

Contributed by DEN members like you, this collection of research-based instructional strategies offers educator-tested ideas for integrating digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways.

The list below highlights the most popular SOS to use with Discovery Education images. You can also download all of these strategies in a convenient packet.

Try one or more of these strategies and share your experience with us in the DEN Online Community.


Get VENN-y With It (CDN Version) helps students analyze two digital images and identify their similarities and differences.


Multiple  Perspectives (CDN Version) helps students deeply engage with a digital image by asking them to create a narrative from the perspective of a person or object in the media.


Half the Picture (CDN Version) helps students build on prior knowledge while assimilating new knowledge by completing the second half of a digital image related to content being studied.


Instagram-in (CDN Version) helps students use imagery and creativity to express their learning in an Instagram-style post.


Six Word Stories (CDN Version) helps students summarize what they’ve learned by closely analyzing a digital image. Students must select the 6 most important words to convey the big idea behind the digital image.


Visual Walkabout (CDN Version) provides students with a sneak peek of the content in an upcoming unit through the use of a series of images. Students walk around the classroom gallery of images, making connections and asking questions at each image.


They Said What? (CDN Version) allows students to use their imagination to demonstrate content knowledge. They create a logical dialogue between characters in a image, based on what they’ve learned.


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