Favorite SOS for Audio

It’s no secret, the  Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) series is a DEN Community favorite!

Contributed by DEN members like you, this collection of research-based instructional strategies offers educator-tested ideas for integrating digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways.

The list below highlights the most popular ways to use Spotlight On Strategies with Discovery Education audio resources. You can also download all of these strategies in a convenient packet.

Try one or more of these strategies and share your experience with us in the DEN Online Community.


Surround Sound (CDN Version) immerses students in content-related audio, stimulating their prior experience and helping them connect with and make predictions about what they’ll be learning.


Did You Hear That (CDN Version) encourages students to create and describe mental images, which helps them draw conclusions about what they are hearing in content-related audio clips.


Shake It Up Baby (CDN Version) engages students in analyzing the main points in a song and representing them through movement and dance.


Sound Check (CDN Version) asks students to listen closely and make inferences about how the sounds they hear are related to the content they are studying.


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