Don’t Miss This Sweet Treat We’ve Cooked Up with Ford STEAM Lab!

Today, in our third and final activity from the Ford STEAM Lab and Discovery Education series, we will explore the magic behind Ice Cream-istry! If you’ve missed the other innovative offerings from this partnership, check out our past blogs and fun activities including:


Now, on to this new sweet treat – Ice Cream-istry!

What kid doesn’t love ice cream? What better way to get students’ creative juices flowing than working together to design and pitch a mobile ice-cream cart concept for your school community! In this activity, students will simulate market research, illustration, design, and engineering to test and evaluate their ice cream cart prototype.

And the BEST PART? Part of the experiment includes actually making ice cream to examine how heat energy forms ice cream to help it stay cool . . . or make it melt!

Students will tackle essential questions like:

  • What is a business pitch?
  • What components make a business pitch effective?
  • What is market research and how can it benefit the design process?
  • Why is it important to understand the science behind your product?

Scoop up the Activity and Get Creative Today!

Looking for seconds?

Ford STEAM Lab has tons of activities and lessons to feed your appetite! It provides a free suite of online resources to engage students in design thinking, coding, and tech entrepreneurship principles. This digital-blended learning approach takes students through a six-part “Hackathon” style process, culminating in the creation of a mobile app prototype, business plan, and pitch-deck presentation. Sign up today to get started!


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