Fit in Fitness this Fall

By Kristen Davis, 1st Grade Educator from Jay Elementary School, Santa Rosa County, Florida School District, Super Health, Super You Discovery Education Program Ambassador


Novo Nordisk and Discovery Education are calling all educators to kick off this fall season with some family time and physical activity!  Super Health, Super You has launched their newest activity, which gives families ideas to get healthy together. This activity is called Fit in Fitness Every Day.

We all know that exercise is an important part of overall health, but it can be challenging to fit into our busy schedules. Super Health, Super You has done the research! When families exercise together, the benefits are far more than just physical. Studies show that when families exercise together, the family bond improves. Communication and long-term commitment to exercise are also factors that are said to be strengthened.

As educators, we have the power to influence change in our student’s everyday lives. The Fit in Fitness Every Day resource gives enjoyable, simple strategies that will easily allow families to step into a lifestyle of household fitness. Let’s share that this fall!




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  1. Earlin said:

    Always fit, Have exercise all day or play some games during the start of the day. The article gives some vital informations to make healthy for all ages. Thanks.

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