Meet the characters who will be featured in our new Virtual Field Trip, Discover the Spider-Verse

How many Spider-People are there? Who is Miles Morales? What does it take to be a 21st Century hero? Let’s find out!

Meet Miles Morales, he is a new kind of hero. Miles is 13-year-old from Brooklyn who has just been bitten by a radioactive spider! He’s a bright teenager who likes hanging out with friends and being a kid. But what they don’t know is that Miles is also learning to embrace the entirely new and unexpected life as the all-new Spider-Man!

Meet Gwen Stacy, she is spunky, free-spirited 15-year-old and in her world, she is known as Spider-Gwen. Intelligent and quick-witted, Gwen has a sharp sense of humor and is a natural leader. After getting pulled from her world and into Miles’, she teams up with him to fight New York’s villains.

Meet Peter Parker, the familiar Spider-Man turned reluctant mentor. Peter never wanted to be a mentor, but training Miles Morales, an all-new Spider-Man, ends up giving Peter a new positive outlook on life… though, he is a bit jealous of all Miles’ newly found and unique powers!


 In addition to his spider-peer inspiration, Miles also gains power from the real-life heroes at home- his family.

Meet Jefferson, also known as Miles’ slightly overbearing but loving father. When Jefferson was growing up, he and his younger brother Aaron used to work as petty criminals for Kingpin. When Jefferson met his wife, Rio, he left the criminal world behind, becoming a police officer and adopting a strict moral code. As a result, he wants to make sure that Miles has better opportunities than he had.

Meet Rio, as Miles’ mother, she is a strong and encouraging presence in Miles life whose support helps Miles keep his head above water when he feels overwhelmed. Originally from Puerto Rico, she fosters a special bond with Miles by speaking Spanish with him.

Together, all these characters contribute to the making of a hero, teaching us that anyone can wear the mask. Join us on Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 1PM ET as we hear from the voices of these characters during our new Virtual Field Trip, Discover the Spider-Verse. Student’s will also meet the film’s producers, directors, animators and designers to learn how art, science and real-world inspiration all contributed to creating a world like the Spider-Verse.

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