Spotlight On Strategies: Change It Up! AEIOU

Welcome to a special SOS series called Change It UpFor years you’ve told us the best part of the SOS is their adaptability for use across grade levels and content areas.

In this series, we take tried and true Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) instructional ideas and share ways to adjust or adapt for your classroom.

We’d love to know what your favorite adaptations are; visit the DEN Online Community to share more ideas!

Change It Up:

Strategy: AEIOU (CDN Version)

Big idea: Students use the letters AEIOU (Adjective, Emotion, Interesting info, Oh!, and Um?) as prompts for responses to a piece of media.

In any subject…

… create a reflective learning experience when using Discovery Education digital media. In response to a recent #DENChat question, DEN Friend Peter Panico suggested a combination of AEIOU and SOS Pause and Play (CDN Version). When students stop-n-jot every few minutes to write adjectives, emotions, interesting facts, ohhh (surprises), and uhhh (questions) they are encouraged to make connections and deepen their understanding of the content being presented.

… DEN Friend Jessie Erickson created an AEIOU recording sheet that includes space for students to write and sketch their impressions of a VR experience they had.

… create an AEIOU template in Google Slides and distribute it to all students via Google Classroom. This saves time and provides a structure for students to use as they engage in—and reflect upon—the digital media they’ve watched or listened to.

… create a collaborative learning experience by combining AEIOU with SOS Jigsaw (CDN Version). After moving students into groups of five, ask each student to take on just one letter of the AEIOU. Show the Discovery Education media, have them reflect using just their focus letter, and then share out with their group.

In Language Arts…

Greet Primary School in the UK tweeted the following suggestions for using AEIOU to address Language Arts skill development:

… use AEIOU to explore and describe character traits in a book or story.

… use AEIOU to brainstorm and prepare for writing letters to experts or celebrities. Record these on a poster that is displayed in the classroom to be used as a student reference.

In Social Studies…

… ask students to use the AEIOU framework to guide their close reading analysis of historical documents or images.

For Other Ideas…

… search Twitter for #SpotlightOnStrategies to find information and pictures of educators around the world using AEIOU and other SOS in their classrooms!




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